Traffic Violation Laws in Arizona

Arizona is home to many beautiful mesas, as well as several larger cities like Tucson and Phoenix. Whether drivers are sightseeing through some of the beautiful desert lands or navigating the highways of the metropolitan areas, they need to be aware of the traffic violation laws that govern in this state.

Various Types of Traffic Violations

Arizona has various types of traffic violations to be aware of. The state divides its traffic violation laws into civil and criminal in nature. A motorist is in violation of a civil traffic violation law for any of the more minor offenses they could commit, such as running a red light or speeding. For more serious violations, such as driving under the influence or reckless driving, the violation is considered criminal.

If you have been convicted of a Traffic Violations and may need legal assistance, consult with a Traffic Violations Lawyer in your area for a free case review in exploring your legal options.

What to Do When Pulled Over?

If you are pulled over in Arizona for breaking traffic violation laws, you need to remember a few basic things. First, be very courteous to the officer that has stopped you. Whether or not you believe you were in violation, a confrontation with the officer will not help your case. Never get out of your car to approach the police vehicle; instead, wait to be approached. Ask for the specifics of why you are being stopped very politely. Next, wait patiently for the officer to run any paperwork necessary. Finally, after any of your questions have been asked and a ticket or citation has been issued, drive away from where you were stopped. If you are going to fight your citation, that will be done at another time, not at the side of the roadway.

After Your Ticket

After you have received your ticket, you have several options. First, you need to be aware that for civil penalties, points may be added to your driver's license for each occurrence. Next, if you will be fighting your ticket, you should always remember that it is a good idea to ask for the number of points to be reduced. If you are in violation of a criminal statute for the traffic violation laws, it is important that you retain counsel immediately so that you can best know how to defend your rights. Criminal violations can result in very high fines as well as jail time, but with a knowledgeable attorney, you will be better protected.

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