Stats Show that Miami is Dangerous but Remember Guilt is Not Automatic

In a city like Miami, where the crime index stands at 4 (100 is safest), where there's a 1 in 85 chance that an individual will become a victim, and where there are 473 crimes per square mile, police have there hands full and mistakes can be made. (Crime statistics courtesy of Neighborhood Scout.) In high crime areas, there may be the tendency for law enforcement to cut corners or to push for charges to be brought. For those who are charged with a crime or who are facing the possibility of criminal charges, it's important to secure legal representation, as doing so will help to ensure that your rights are protected.

Need Legal Help

If you are charged with a crime in Miami, it's important to secure a competent and experienced criminal lawyer as soon as possible. Choosing the right lawyer is essential. What defines the "right lawyer?"

Secure an attorney who has experience and success in defending those charged with a crime in Miami or the surrounding area. That lawyer will not only know the State's criminal code, but he/she will also be familiar with local judges and prosecutors. Your attorney, if they are seasoned enough, may have developed a relationship with those in the system and, if they are respected within the system, that may be helpful to you.

Charged But Not Guilty

With such a high crime rate and the need to control crime, the criminal justice system in the Miami area is under a lot of pressure, as resources are stretched thin and personnel are overworked. With large caseloads, even the most well intentioned prosecutors, law enforcement officers, and judges are bound to make mistakes or cut corners.

One of the ways in which a criminal defense attorney can help someone charged with a crime in Miami is by making sure that they are afforded due process of law. In other words, your lawyer will do everything that they can to see that you are treated fairly and that all of your rights are preserved. It is important for everyone to remember that anyone charged with a crime is considered to be innocent until they are proven guilty in a court of law.

Possible Outcomes

Once you are working with a criminal defense attorney, your case will proceed through its various phases. You may or may not go to trial. Possible outcomes may include your lawyer getting the charges against you dropped before you ever go to trial. This may occur due to a lack of evidence or if in some way your rights were violated during your arrest or while you were in custody.

If you do go to trial, one of five things will usually occur. At some point, the case may be dismissed. Again, this will usually happen if the prosecution or law enforcement has in some manner made a mistake that violates your rights or compromises your chance to have a fair trial. Three other outcomes would be you're found not guilty, guilty, or there is no decision due to the fact that the jury cannot agree on a verdict. If there is no decision, then charges will often be dismissed.

The final outcome would be a deal or plea bargain that would be made between your defense attorney and the prosecution and then approved by the court. A plea bargain, which often results in lessened charges, punishment, and penalties for the person charged with a crime, is often reached when the evidence against a defendant is solid, and the deal would be better than what the prosecution is seeking if the case did go to trial.

Not Guilty

Despite the fact that crime in Miami is high that does not mean that someone is automatically guilty or that the prosecution has an automatic win. In fact, it's just the opposite. The burden of proof is on the prosecution. Anyone charged with a crime should always protect their rights. The first step is to get a seasoned and successful attorney who has represented others charged with similar crimes in Miami.

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