Criminal Defense in Wisconsin

Getting an attorney to help you with criminal defense in Wisconsin at first seems easy since there are so many attorneys in the phone book. However, finding one that will assist you in criminal defense may be difficult. You need to find a lawyer you implicitly trust, one who knows the Wisconsin legal system and criminal defense, and one you feel will be able to present your case and, hopefully, win. While going through the phone book or taking your chance with a court appointed attorney (if you qualify for one) are two choices, the third is to contact the Wisconsin Bar Association.

What the Bar Offers?

The Wisconsin Bar Association offers a number of different services. One of these is Lawyer Referral and Information Service. Here, clients give the bar the basic information about their case, and the referral service matches them up with potential lawyers. Once you're matched up with an attorney, you will be given their contact information and can set up an appointment. This half-hour meeting will help you and the lawyer decide if they are the right person for your case. If you're referred through the bar, this first consultation will cost at most $20. Some consultations may even be free, depending on the lawyer.

In addition to referrals, the service also offers a lawyer hot line if you need an answer to a basic legal question or for general information. Asking a simple question via this hot line is free, but it may not be enough to help with your criminal defense in Wisconsin.

The Modest Means Program

This bar program focuses on supplying legal assistance to individuals who simply can't afford the cost of a lawyer. You must apply for this program and meet certain income requirements. Then, like with the referral service, the program matches your case to the best lawyer on their list (lawyers who have agreed to give free legal assistance). However, unlike yo

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