Criminal Defense in Washington

It's often different to find a lawyer in any state, not just Washington. There are many different factors involved. First, you want a lawyer well versed in criminal defense in Washington. Second, you don't want just any criminal defense attorney—you want a really good one, especially if you may end up with jail time if you lose the case. Third, you want a lawyer who is going to really fight for you, is upfront about everything, and fits with your personality. If you clash with your lawyer over things, especially large decisions regarding your case, both of you will end up frustrated, and your case will suffer from it. Along these same lines, you need to trust your lawyer and feel like you can tell him or her anything. Just as your lawyer needs to be honest with you, you need to be completely honest with him or her.

Legal Services from the Washington State Bar

You can almost always find legal assistance from the bar association in any state, but in Washington, there are a couple of unique bits of information you need to know about. You can find referrals and more information from the bar once you know how to navigate their system.

Criminal Defense for Those Who Live in King County

For those searching for legal assistance, have very little income, and live in King County, calling the bar association's 211 phone number is the first step to finding a lawyer. The phone line is set up with foreign language interpreters to help anyone overcome the language barrier. Also, those with hearing impairments can call 711 to work with a special operator trained for hearing impaired clients.

Criminal Defense for Those Outside of King Country

If you don't live in King Country and do not have the financial resources to hire an attorney, you will need to contact CLEAR. This program will refer you to various different legal services depending on your case and your needs.

For Those Who Are Not Low Income

If you are simply looking for a list of lawyers, you may contact the Washington Lawyer Referral Services. There are no requirements to meet to be eligible for this service. The referral service will put you in contact with attorneys who can help you, but you should be ready to pay full price for their services.

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