Criminal Defense in South Dakota

No one wants to need legal services, but in some cases, it is absolutely necessary. This is especially true if you need criminal defense. If you're arrested and charged for any sort of criminal offense, you'll want to hire only the best lawyer in criminal defense in South Dakota. In some cases, however, you may not have the funds to do so. In that case, you'll be appointed a legal representation.

Selecting a Lawyer

It can be quite difficult to select the right lawyer for you. You must find a lawyer that has both the experience and knowledge of criminal defense while at the same time is a person you feel you can trust and work with. It's often helpful to get recommendations and referrals from your friends or from those you know who have needed criminal defense lawyers in the past. You also want to consider the lawyer's reputation, their price, and their ability to return calls, their availability, and their communication with you.

Legal Aid

If you don't know anyone from whom to get a referral, you can speak to the Legal Aid offices in Sioux Falls, Mission, and Rapid City. These offices have lists of various lawyers and other legal representation that can assist you. The Lawyer Referral Services office in Pierre, South Dakota, can also provide you with a list of lawyers. They will mail this list to you in the mail if requested. You can also find this list online or at the public library. No matter which of the referrals you go with, you may need to pay a small fee for the initial consultation.

Your Consultation

At your first consultation, you'll need to be ready to discuss all the facts surrounding your case, and you'll need to be completely honest. Don't hold anything back—your lawyer needs to know everything in order to best help you. This first consultation is simply a meeting to decide if you and the lawyer are a good match. If you are, you'll end the meeting by discussion how to best proceed with your criminal defense. If it's not a good match, you may tell the lawyer you would like to discuss your case with another attorney. You can return to Legal Aid and as for another referral if you would like or you may seek out another attorney on your own.

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