Criminal Defense in Oregon

If you were first introduced to the process of criminal defense in Oregon when you were a juvenile, but since then have been a model citizen, it could be possible to have your record expunged to make it as though that crime never took place. Now there are some restrictions on what types of offenses can be removed, and you have to apply in order to qualify for such a process, but it is important to note that the utilization of this service is important in finding a way to help children overcome the problems of their past. It would be unfair to punish someone as a juvenile, yet label them as a criminal for the rest of their lives, and this helps to take care of that problem.

Being Charged as an Adult

When someone is a juvenile going through the criminal defense in Oregon system that is one thing, but the instant they are old enough to be tried and treated like adults, the entire layout changes. No longer is it mandatory for a special advocate or guardian to be present when you are interrogated. Once you are an adult the police can ask you questions at any time regardless of who is in the room. That is why it is so important to have an object third party in the room in the form of your attorney. This helps provide you the same form of protection that is freely offered to juveniles.

The Difference in Sentencing

Something else that many offenders who have previously gone through a criminal defense in Oregon trial as a young person may not realize is that they same crimes are more harshly punished when they are committed by adults, and in many states teenagers as young as sixteen can be tried and sentenced as adults. This could even occur sooner, depending on the violence of the criminal act and how the judge views the development of the child. So, someone who may have done a little joy riding when they were fourteen and only served probation might commit that same offense again in a year and a half and get jail time. The only consolation might be that the time would be served in a prison for juvenile offenders, but it would be similarly harsh to adult prison and could have similar problems.

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