Criminal Defense in North Carolina

If you are someone who has ever found themselves in legal trouble and looking for a good method of criminal defense in North Carolina then you should know that one of the most important things you can do is to sit still and demand a lawyer. They may claim that it makes you look guilty to not want to talk to them without a lawyer present, but in fact it just makes you look smart. The law can be a tricky situation, and if you aren't sure of all of the facets of criminal law then you might yourself getting caught up in a loop hole by the police. Then, while they can't try you for one offense, they might end up using your own words to hang you up on another charge. This is why it is always a good idea to have an attorney there during any interrogations.

Initial Court Appearance

After you have been picked up for a criminal defense in North Carolina issue and the police have held you for forty-eight hours they must either charge you or let you go, and if they choose to charge you they will take you in front of a judge. At this time if you do not already have a lawyer then they will determine whether you qualify for the court to appoint one for you. During this time you should also be given some paperwork concerning your charge and asked whether you plead guilty or not guilty. Then, depending on the charges, the judge will make a decision on bail and you will either need to post the money or contact a bail bondsman to front the money so that you can get out of jail. Otherwise, you will need to await your approaching court date from behind bars.

Court Trial

If you get a lawyer to represent your criminal defense in North Carolina case, and the two of you decide not to take any plea bargains and instead go in front of a jury, there are some things you should realize. Always dress appropriately, address those who are authority figures in the court like the judge with respect, listen to your attorney, and appear remorseful. People have gotten convicted many times on the jury's observation of their demeanor in court, even with little physical evidence against them.

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