Criminal Defense in New Mexico

When you are looking for a good criminal defense in New Mexico it is important that you know how a lawyer will handle your case. First of all, they are bound by law to represent you to the best of their abilities regardless of your guilt or innocence. So, in this regard it is best to tell them the entire truth of the situation as you understand it. If you can recall any events, addresses, or names of witnesses that might relate to the event then you should also be sure to write everything down and give it to your attorney so that they can aid you in your defense. The lawyer will then take the information you give him and go to the District Attorney in an attempt to either negotiate a plea deal. If there is no plea, then they will put forward the motion to set a court date.

Advocacy Rights for Defendants

If you are involved in a criminal defense in New Mexico case and you feel that your lawyer is not representing you to the best of their ability then you should immediately contact the New Mexico Bar Association to talk to someone about how you can file a complaint. Some of the complaints that you might have about a lawyer who is not doing their duties could be that they fail to relay important information to you in a timely manner or that they are not devoting the time and attention to your case and the proceedings and that this could potentially affect the outcome of a case. There are a variety of ethics that lawyers must obey known as the rule of professional conduct, and disobeying any of these infractions could get them in serious trouble.

Understanding Plea Deals

If you are going to face a trial for a case of criminal defense in New Mexico, then it is possible that the District Attorney will offer you a plea deal. These deals range in the severity of punishment in correspondence to the alleged criminal acts. For example, if you are facing a charge of assault and battery, you might get offered a plea deal involving minimal time, probation, and community service. If, however, you were facing a higher charge like murder this deal will almost definitely involved serious jail time.

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