Criminal Defense in Nevada

There are many instances in which a person might need an attorney to help them in times of legal woes, but certainly the most trying of those times could be when you are searching for criminal defense in Nevada. There can be no doubt that Nevada is known the world over as the sin capital, and sometimes people who might find themselves travelers to this area could potentially commit a crime. If you are charged with a criminal act in Nevada, it is important that you demand not to speak with the police until you hire a defense lawyer. It does not matter if they say they have videotape or other substantial proof they may claim to have, you should admit to nothing and say nothing until your representation is present. Gambling in the casinos is one thing, but doing it with the potential of jail time hanging over your head is another matter altogether.

How to Find a Lawyer?

If you live in the area and you are seeking criminal defense in Nevada, then your best bet is to ask friends and family for recommendations. Representation through an attorney is a very personal thing and it is often best to go with someone who has already been used by people you trust. If you are just traveling through the area though, this could be a different matter. If you find yourself in jail looking for a defense attorney on the fly your best bet is to have someone who might be traveling with you scout around for a lawyer. The Nevada Bar Association even offers a free Lawyer Referral and Information Service if you feel that you need some outside expertise on the matter.

Trusting your Lawyer

Once you have procured some form of criminal defense in Nevada, then it is important that you are open and honest with your lawyer. It is extremely difficult for an attorney to represent a person who is being brought up on criminal charges if they do not tell the truth. In fact, lying to your lawyer could get you in ever more compounded problems if they make a misstep or take legal action based on that falsehood. Since a lawyer has to represent you to the best of their abilities regardless of your guilt, it's best they know all details.

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