Criminal Defense in Montana

As someone who is searching for criminal defense in Montana you should know that you can help participate in your defense. This is a right guaranteed to every citizen, but by being prepared and helpful you can also help to reduce your legal fees. Many people do not realize that a lot of the fees that come from criminal defense lawyers are from the time it takes to research a case and to put all of the necessary information together. By going into your lawyer's office prepared, you can reduce this time and effort. So, before you go, make sure that you have gotten all of the documents relevant to your case. Also, map out the incident in detail and be completely truthful as an omission or lie could detract from your defense. Write down any names of witnesses or addresses that might be important. Do not try to contact your lawyer daily as this time also adds to your fees. After you've given them all the information you can, wait for them to contact you.

Things you cannot do

Some people who might be searching for criminal defense in Montana might be under the impression that once they have paid their attorney they have to listen to everything they say. This is not the case, as a client you cannot demand certain things. For example, even if you want your case handled a certain way, if it unethical or against the code of professional conduct then your attorney has the obligation to deny your request. Lawyers who choose to operate in any sort of gray area even if their client has requested it, can face serious penalties, suspension from the Montana bar, and even jail time for doing so.

If a Lawyer does engage in Unethical Behavior

If you hired an attorney to represent your case of criminal defense in Montana and you find that they have in some way disobeyed the conduct of professionalism or have operated in a manner that was unethical, you can turn in a complaint to either the bar association or the Supreme Court of Montana. If the problem occurred because of a misappropriation of your money you had entrusted to your lawyer, you could even be compensated by the Lawyers' Fund for Client Protection that was established in 1976.

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