Criminal Defense in Maine

If you have been arrested, or fear you may be arrested for committing a crime, then it is important for you to learn the basics of criminal defense in Maine. Criminal laws vary from state to state in the USA. As it is, each state has its own set of criminal laws in which they use to assign the type of punishment for the criminal act performed. With this general knowledge, it is never safe to say that once you know a single state's criminal defense law, you know the laws of the other fifty states as well.

Criminal Acts

So, what are the criminal acts that could be committed that would require criminal defense in Maine? They could be Sexual Crimes such as rape and child abuse, Violent Crimes, an example of which would be murder, White Collar Crimes such as fraud and forgery, and Drug Crimes – drug trafficking and distribution belong to this criminal act.

Variations of criminal rulings in Maine

In the state of Maine, there are several variations in their rulings for these criminal acts. In general, they have a different set of criminal procedures which regards the following:, Jurisdiction and venue, Search warrants, Mental responsibility for criminal conduct, Fresh pursuit, Criminal extradition/ expulsion, Security to keep peace, Protective orders, Crimes between family members, Accessories, Possession of firearms by prohibited persons, and Miscellaneous Provisions

Alcohol crimes

One of the unique criminal laws that would require you to seek criminal defense in Maine, is one that governs alcohol intoxication. As with the other states, it is considered a crime to operate or drive under the influence of alcohol. What is considered unique is that they are simply more strict with their punishments should an individual be found guilty for this kind of criminal act. In Maine, having a .08 and above level of alcohol in the body while attempting to work or drive is a crime. When an individual is proven to be guilty of this, severe repercussions are made such as going to jail even if it is the individual's first offense. Also possible is a fine of up to $2,000 or even more, suspension of the individual's driver's license for up to eighteen months even before going to court, and in the event that the individual is not a citizen of Maine, his license will still be suspended in his home state.

Taking this into consideration, it is always good to have an expert on criminal defense in Maine once an individual is suspect to any criminal act and is under Maine's jurisdiction.

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