Criminal Defense in Indiana

There are many reasons why someone would need to seek criminal defense in Indiana. Nobody expects that one day they are going to be arrested for something. It is without a doubt something that nobody wants to go through. Even if you win a court case, you run the risk of being sent to prison and facing heavy fines.

How arrests are made?

Being arrested is the primary cause for requiring criminal defense in Indiana. If you are arrested for a crime, it will either be as the crime is taking place, or after the crime has taken place. If you are in a motor vehicle during the arrest, you will be pulled over by a police officer and you will be arrested there. Just because you are pulled by a police officer doesn't necessarily mean that you are arrested though. If you are pulled over by a police officer, stay calm and cooperate. Also, remember that you have the right not to answer any questions posed to you. In order for you to be arrested, the arresting officer must have probable cause. While a warrant isn't necessary, the officer does have to have a good reason for thinking you committed the crime.

Miranda Rights

During an arrest, you will be read your Miranda rights. The law states that before you are taken into custody you must have these rights read to you. These rules are given to you by the constitution and must be read to you before your interrogation begins. On an important final note, Miranda rights must be read before you are taken into custody. It is still possible for a police officer to question you before you are taken into custody and before you have been read your rights.

Finding a lawyer

After you have been arrested and read your rights, you will be either incarcerated until your arraignment, or allowed to leave if the court trusts you to return for your arraignment. It is during this time that you must find a lawyer and you won't have that much time to decide. When deciding upon a lawyer, you need one that is well experienced and well priced. Don't worry; most lawyers aren't as expensive as you may think. A couple of the more respected lawyers in the state of Indiana include: Paul Stanko, Attorney at Law; and The Law Office of Tony Zirkle. Hopefully, this information has enlightened you on the topic of criminal defense in Indiana.

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