Criminal Defense in Connecticut

If you have been convicted of a crime, then the important thing for you to do is to contact an experienced attorney that can provide you with the proper criminal defense in Connecticut. The proper criminal defense lawyer will be able to speak in your defense and provide you with much needed political counseling along the way. Remember though, that being stopped by the police is not the same thing as being arrested. If you are stopped, remember that you do not have to answer any questions. If you have been pulled over for something minor, it is usually in your best interest to speak with the officer and cooperate, however.

How the police engage in the search process

There are two types of searches that a police officer may be able to conduct: a warranted search and an unwarranted search. In order to search your home or other specific place, the police officer will need a search warrant. In order to get one, he will need to prove to a judge that there is probable cause. It is important to make sure you have the proper criminal defense in Connecticut if a police officer is trying to get a search warrant to search your property. In many other circumstances, a police officer may search without a warrant. For example, when you are stopped by a police officer, he or she may search the interior of the vehicle if there is a suspected problem. When making an arrest, a police officer may search your person in order to make sure that you aren't carrying a weapon or contraband. A police officer may conduct a search if there are exigent circumstances. These are circumstances that demand immediate action. A police officer may also search an area that is in plan view. Finally, they may search any area that you give them consent to search.

Finding the proper criminal defense

If you are arrested for something, you will be given your right to an attorney. It is at this point that you should stop all discussions with the police until your attorney is present and able to give you guidance. In situations such as this, you will not be able to research your attorney ahead of time. Instead, you'll be given the chance to call an attorney. Find an attorney that specializes or has experience in your type of case. Hopefully, this information has helped you to understand the process of criminal defense in Connecticut.

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