Facts About Election

Especially due to recent election disasters, election law is gaining more and more importance across the country. The public is finally aware that elections are complex and long-winding processes, which can have surprising drawbacks if not carefully governed and protected by law. For this reason, it is important for anybody running for public office to consult an election law attorney in order to minimize or eliminate any problems that might arise with reaching the public for support in public office.

If you, or anybody you know is running for public office, contact one of our election law attorneys today.

Election law overview

The right to vote is an important aspect of the American society. The electoral process is governed by the individual states, based on the particular state law. While each state might have different rules and regulations, which protect the election process, the main purpose is to avoid election fiascos such as the Florida recounts.

State elections

Each state decides independently from one another how the elections for representatives, Senators and electors will be carried out. For this reason, there are numerous different regulations and laws governing state elections and the "when and where"citizens may vote also depends on state law. With the 17th Amendment, introduced a passing of the Senator elections from the state government to the people for the very first time.

Presidential elections

The Electoral College is coordinated by the Office of the Federal Register, which consists of 538 Electors and equally as many Representatives and Senators. Come election time, each state submits their Electors' votes, which are then counted and a President/Vice-President are named.

Election law Hot Topics

  • Elections
  • Voter rights
  • Election monitoring
  • Contested elections
  • Election technology
  • Campaign finance

If you or someone you know is planning on running for public office, consulting an election attorney may make the difference between an effective campaign or crisis control. While running for public office is demanding enough, election attorneys can protect you from any legal mishaps, which may then influence your campaign.

Did you Know?

The 2000 presidential election was not the only close election.

The 2000 presidental election was very close, but there have been others in the past that are considered almost too close to call. The results of the November 7th election in 1876 were not known until March 2, 1877, just three days before the inauguration. In addition, John F. Kennedy's defeat of Richard M. Nixon in 1960 wasn't official until noon the following day.

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