Business Law in Mississippi

Every state in the union is subject to unique laws and regulations that govern the way business works. Mississippi residents seeking information about starting or maintaining a business should read on for answers to commonly asked questions about business law in Mississippi.

Am I required to register for a Sales Tax Number? If So, How Do I Do This?

If your business sells any tangible physical items or provides certain types of services, a sales tax identification number is absolutely required by business law in Mississippi. The Mississippi State Tax Commission has the forms required to register for this number, also known as a seller's certificate, available for download on their website.

Do I Need to Acquire a Business License?

According to business law in Mississippi, not every business is required to be licensed - it depends on the type of business whether or not you need to acquire one. In addition, you should consult your local town or city clerk's office for specific information about licensed required on the city or county level. Listed below is an incomplete list of business types that require a license from the state of Mississippi:

  • Automobile dealers
  • Bail bondsmen
  • Commercial vehicles
  • Health facilities
  • Insurance agents and insurance companies
  • Private ambulance services
  • Mortgage lenders and brokers
  • Professional geologists

How do I go About Registering a Business?

This is dependent on the type of business entity that you choose, whether it be sole proprietorship, partnership, or corporation. Corporations are required to register with the Business Service Group, an office of the Mississippi Secretary of State. Sole proprietorships and general partnerships are not required to register with the state. However, business law in Mississippi may require such businesses to register on the local county or city level.

What is the Process For Registering to Become an Employer?

The first step to undertake when registering as an employer is to obtain a Federal Employer Identification Number, or EIN. This is accomplished by filling out an IRS form. In addition, you are required by business law in Mississippi to register for unemployment contributions and for state income tax withholding. Businesses are also required to keep a number of forms related to their employees on file at all times. Lastly, a business must maintain Worker's Compensation coverage for its employees - this is done through a standard business insurer.

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