Business Law in District of Columbia

District of Columbia business law addresses many areas including the formation and maintenance of partnerships and labor and employment law.

Areas of Business Law in District of Columbia

Business law in District of Columbia covers such areas as the formation and maintenance of partnerships, corporate finance and taxation, antitrust and bankruptcy laws, securities regulations, mergers and acquisitions, labor laws, white-collar crime, and many other areas.

Commercial Litigation and Business Torts

Commercial litigation can is the possible result of a great many diverse legal actions, and can be initiated on grounds of antitrust, government contracting, financial forensics, professional liability, RICO conspiracy laws, white-collar crime, compliance and enforcement, class actions, and construction law. It can also address business torts of any and all kinds, including but not limited to fraud, breach of fiduciary duty and interference with economic advantage or contractual relations. Note that business tort actions can be undertaken even where a crime has been committed that may be prosecuted.

Choosing a Lawyer for Litigation and Business Torts

Whether you are defending a claim or prosecuting one, your attorney should keep you in the loop in regard to decision-making to make sure that any litigation decisions are in line with the goals of your business. This should include a combination of budgetary, reporting and risk analysis.

Sometimes the injury that caused the litigation may threaten the very existence of the business itself. In these types of situations, your attorney ought to be willing to work on a contingent fee basis.

Assessing a Law Firm's Capabilities

Your chosen law firm should have not only the resources but also the resolve for pursuing cases in the highest courts. The firm should also have enough experience to recognize and resolve claims early, thereby saving corporate clients like your company millions of dollars in payouts.

An interdisciplinary approach to commercial disputes can enable your firm to address contract, energy, construction, bankruptcy, real estate, and even insurance and financial issues as business concerns, not merely the elements of their chosen trial strategy.

District of Columbia Labor and Employment Law

Few areas of law are as constantly changing or require as much balance between practical and legal aspects as labor and employment law. The employer-employee relationship leads to a great demand for legal advice that can supply creative solutions to potential disputes before they mature into formal claims or full-fledged litigation.

Labor and employment law encompasses many types of cases, including those of discrimination and harassment, wrongful termination and constructive discharge, breach of contract or implied covenant, restrictive covenants, wage and hour violations, classifications, reductions in work force, contract negotiations and renegotiations, and any and all forms of labor grievances.

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