Business Law in Arkansas

Business formation involves many legal considerations, including but not limited to the selection of the best type of organizational entity under which to operate. Any law firm you choose to represent you should become familiar with your objectives and recommend the most appropriate business entity. This can be a sole proprietorship, a general or limited partnership agreement, limited liability company, S corporation, or nonprofit corporation, and be willing to recommend you incorporate in another state, such as Delaware or Nevada, if it will be advantageous to you.

Your Legal Interests After Formation

Once your business is up and running, the law firm you choose should provide you with all the legal services required to assist you in the day-to-day operation of your successful business. The firm's business attorneys should be willing and able to assist clients, improving their understanding of pertinent laws, and helping them achieve compliance. The firm can also help with negotiating and preparing business agreements. The firm's business attorneys should also be willing to help clients like you draft asset purchase agreements, negotiate or interpret business contracts and employment contracts, handle collections, and conduct bankruptcy.

Commercial Litigation and Business Torts in Arkansas

Commercial litigation can be a result of many diverse legal actions, and examples being antitrust, government contracting, financial forensics, professional liability, RICO, white collar crime, compliance and enforcement, class actions, construction law and business torts of any and all kinds, including but not limited to fraud, breach of fiduciary duty and interference with economic advantage or contractual relations. Note also that business tort actions can be undertaken even in matters wherein a crime has been committed that may be prosecuted.

Choosing a Lawyer for Litigation and Business Torts

Sometimes the injury claim can threaten the very existence of the business itself. In situations like this, your attorney must be willing to work on a contingent fee basis.

Assessing a Law Firm's Capabilities

Your chosen law firm ought possess not only the resources but also the resolve for pursuing cases in the highest courts. The firm should also have enough experience to recognize and resolve claims early, in order to save corporate clients like your company millions of dollars in payouts.

An interdisciplinary approach to commercial disputes can help prepare your firm to address contract, energy, construction, bankruptcy, real estate, and even insurance and financial issues as business concerns, not merely the elements of their chosen trial strategy.

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