10 reasons Why Your Company Needs an Internet Counsel

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Is your company ready to expand its digital empire? If so, don't go it without general corporate legal counsel.

Hi again everyone Steve Vondran here. This blog is about business, and why your business needs to have a general legal counsel to help you grow and manager your brand onine. Here are my top ten reasons. We have corporate counsel legal programs starting as low as $395 per month.

Top 10 reasons you need internet legal counsel:

1. To review your contracts. Many business law problems I see come to me by a person or company that signs a contract without reviewing it or having a business lawyer review it. Our service reviews and advises on your contracts as part of our service. We draft and negotiate contracts for a small additional fee depending on the complexity of the case.

2. The questions you don't ask or present to legal counsel are often the ones that come back to haunt you and can lead to a state or federal lawsuit. This can be a very costly mistake. We live in a WORLD that never stops passing laws, and where legal interpretations and court cases never seem to end, which becomes law that can apply to your business. Without a law firm ready to help you, and keep you updated in the law (via complimentary email newsletters - ex. our IP and digital risk advisor newsletter) your next step could be your last. You need a law firm that "has your back" and cares about your business. Skipping the important step of having legal counsel can cost you in the long run.

3. Social media is being used by all your employees. You need an internet legal counsel that can help you draft and enforce a social media policy. If one of your employees, or ex-employees crosses the digital line, you need to make sure you have your ducks in a row as far as social media and termination policies.

4. Internet legal counsel can help you defend your brand online. For example, sending off cease and desist demand letters to people who seek to defame your business, slander your reputatlion and who otherwise may be cybserstalking you in an attempt to disrupt or even ruin your business. When you sign up for our Internet Legal Counsel program, you get cease and desist and take down letters included as needed to help protect your brand.

5. You need to know what your competitors are up to. We help you manage their keywords, page load speeds, google campaigns, and new domain purcahses to the extent this informatinon is publicly available. Very few law firms proactively watch your comeptitors and provide you with reports of new press releases, developments, etc. Join our Internet Legal Counsel program to assist you in that.

6. We help conduct background checks on new employees. When you work with a law firm, everything is subject to attorney-client priviliege. We can help you in the hiring process and help review candidates who may have a background unfavorable to your company, for example someone involved in a host of civil litigation and/or with a previous felony or cirminal record. Sometimes the best hiring decision is the decison not to hire. We can help you manage the process and offer services in this area as part of our Internet Legal Counsel program

7. If you are involved in litigation, just like the big firms do you want your own general counsel to manage the litigation firm to ensure quality and cost control. We offer packages that include this service.

8. You need a general legal counsel to assist you in the day-to-day running of your company including corporate compliance, copyright, trademark and other eCommerce business compliance matters. We can help you manage digital risk.

9. You need a lawyer that can help your firm with social media marketing, digital advertising, and crowdfunding legal issues.

10. In the future, every company, student, entertainer, and business persons will need to focus on building their "fans and followers" and making their brand more entertaining. In case you have'n't heard we live in an "entertainment society." We can help you with blogging law, podcast law, model releases for corporate vides, copyright clearance, rights of publicity and other legal issues involved with user generated content and social media markering law.

The big firms and companies in the world all have general legal counsel working to protect and promote their interests. You need a general internet legal counsel firm as well and we help make that possible with our affordable corporate counsel programs.

Visit us at InternetLawyer.tv for more information.

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