Why Does My Doctor Refuse to See Me Following a Wreck?

After being injured in a car accident, you would naturally expect for your personal care physician (PCP) to help you. However, it is possible that you might expect the unexpected.

A great number of people consider avoiding going to an emergency room (if possible) and instead choose to visit with their PCP as a good choice. However, there are certain doctors that refuse to accept patients who have suffered car wreck injuries. This sounds odd, but it happens. There are physicians who refuse to examine patients only because they were injured in a car wreck.

If your primary care physician does not want to see you following a car wreck, here are a couple of things that you need to be aware of.

Why Doesn't My Doctor Want to See Me?

There may be many reasons why a physician would want to refuse to see a patient following a car accident.

At times, a doctor can state that they have a rule, so to speak, that they do not accept car wreck cases. Typically it is due to the amount of paperwork added, phone calls, and additional billing that is accompanied by car accident cases. This is not fair, but apart from the emergency room, doctors and physicians are not legally obligated to treat everyone; they can refuse whomever they want.

In different situations, it may simply be a hassle with billing. If someone has been injured in a wreck that was caused by someone else, this may mean that there may be more than one insurance company that is involved, different parties, a possible lawsuit, etc. In essence, doctors fear they will not get paid.

A physician could say that they would need a letter from the car insurance company stating that they will in fact cover for any of the medical expenses generated. However, a lawsuit can take quite some time to settle. If you are injured and need medical assistance immediately, you should not be forced to wait for your case to be settled in order to receive medical treatment.

How Can a Lawyer Help?

It may be time to discuss your case with an attorney if a doctor refuses to see you after an accident. An experienced and knowledgeable attorney that is local to the community can be a great help with setting you up with reliable doctors who see injured victims of car accidents. Just how, exactly? Lawyers can offer physicians and attorneys something that you could not otherwise offer: a complete guarantee that they will get paid.

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