Filing an Injury Claim Against a Motorcyclist’s Insurance

At times, motorcyclists (popularly referred as "bikers") can be injured in a road accident that was caused by a different biker, and often the biker that hit them could be a friend of the injured biker. Even though a great majority of accidents involving motorcyclists are caused by larger vehicles, such as trucks and cars, there can also be serious collisions when bikers are riding together in groups.

Motorcyclists who have been injured while riding with their group might not want to file an injury claim against their friend. It is important to note, however, that filing a personal injury claim will be directed against their insurance policy, not their friend directly; this is why insurance exists! In addition, an injured motorcyclist will not be compensated for medical expenses or property damage until they file a claim.

Accident-Prevention Tips When Riding with a Group

Prepare and Plan Ahead of the Ride

Before leaving setting out to ride, choose as a group the route, the places where the stops will be made, and be certain that the experienced motorcyclists are tailing and leading the group. Riding with a motorcycle group can give a skewed sense of safety, but it is important to remember that the experience level of every biker is different.

Communicate Effectively

It is important to not only pay attention to other motorists, but to the members of the group itself as well. Make sure to use hand signals to properly communicate when it is necessary. One of the main jobs of the lead rider is to be aware of hazards that may be upcoming and signal other riders so they will be ready for any danger.

Ride in a Safe Formation

A good tip is to avoid riding in pairs and to ride in a group; it is better to ride in a staggered formation. Also, it is also safest when turning or negotiating a curve to switch to a single-file style of formation.

Formation Passing

Finally, it is safest to pass a slower vehicle one motorcyclist at a time. The lead rider should pass first and should also leave behind enough room for others to pass. This will ensure that the passing is safe for both the other drivers and the motorcycle group.

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