What is the Amount of Evidence Needed to File a Claim?

Was a police report filed?
  • Simply put, the more the merrier.

    Evidence for a Claims Process

    After a car accident, if you want for the at-fault driver's insurance to pay for your claim, words are not sufficient – you must prove that your injuries and property damage did in fact result by the accident, as well as proving the expenses associated with the injuries and damages will cost you.

    Approaching an insurance company without testimonies from witnesses, official police reports from the crash scene, or medical bills, and so on, you would have what is referred to as a "weak case".

    A successful claim is one that has substantial amount of evidence from the wreck and its aftermath.

    What Type of Evidence is Needed?


    As the popular saying goes, pictures are worth a thousand words, and in the event of an injury claim, this statement is very true. Photographing the scene of the accident, the property damage that the vehicles had, and pictures of your injuries is imperative in winning your case. Photographs can demonstrate the adjusters from the insurance companies the degree of the damages that were caused by the accident, as well as how the accident occurred. Even though memories may fade over time, photographs can last a very long time.

    Similar to memories, scars can fade over time as well. Pictures record how cuts, muscle strains, and other bodily disfigurements appeared the moment after a wreck. Photographs all of your injuries, and keep taking photographs during the healing process to provide the insurance company exactly what you have suffered. As an example, due to a wreck you might be placed in a wheelchair or in a cast for a period of time following a wreck. This can be a painful moment in your life and pictures demonstrate to others how serious your situation was.


    Furthermore, maintaining records of paperwork (including hospital bills and notes justifying work days that may have been missed) is important to the claims process. A paper trail will help prove how the expenses associated with your wreck. Keeping copies of doctor and medical notes also helps by demonstrating the insurance company the amount of lost wages that were missed.

    Testimonies from Witnesses

    Having testimonies from people who saw the accident is also very important, because they can testify exactly what happened. Testimonies from witnesses are very helpful, especially if the person witnessing the accident was a bystander.

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