Mesothelioma Treatment Options

Mesothelioma is a disease that is extremely rare. Many people are unfamiliar with it when they are first diagnosed with mesothelioma and once they learn more about the disease it is natural for them to be extremely upset, as it is always considered fatal. Perhaps even more upsetting is the fact that the disease is preventable.

Mesothelioma is caused by exposure to asbestos and in most cases a mesothelioma patient's employer could have prevented the illness had they provided warning or protection. Fortunately, many physicians and researchers are working hard to find effective treatments that allow patients to live longer than has previously been true.

Innovation and Dedication

Mesothelioma advocates and healthcare professionals have worked tirelessly to make mesothelioma treatment more effective and less invasive. Where a mesothelioma diagnosis was once a guarantee of death within months, many patients have now been able to live for years through the use of innovative treatment protocols and combinations of modalities.

In addition to medical care, mesothelioma victims can also be well served by experienced attorneys who can advise them of their rights and the responsibilities of those who caused their illness. The mesothelioma law firm of Simon, Greenstone, Panatier & Bartlett can help you get the compensation that you deserve for the wrong that has been done to you.

Early Detection Helps Treatment Effectiveness

When it comes to providing effective mesothelioma treatment, early detection is very important. Mesothelioma is an insidious disease that exists within the patient's body for many decades before it begins to manifest symptoms, and when those symptoms do appear they are often mistaken for more common, more benign illnesses.

The earlier that a patient is diagnosed the more treatment options are available because the tumors are not as likely to have spread as far. People who are aware that they are at risk for mesothelioma because of earlier asbestos exposure are advised to take any symptoms that arise seriously to enable their patients to maximize their treatment options.

Helping Patients Make Mesothelioma Treatment Decisions

Because mesothelioma can be such a challenging disease and the treatment options can be so taxing on the body, an important step in the care of a mesothelioma patient is understanding the impact of all of the various treatments and making an informed decision about exactly how aggressive the patient wants to be with treatment.

Most mesothelioma physicians will make a point of explaining the ramifications of chemotherapy, surgery and radiation therapy as well as other more experimental treatments so that the patient understands exactly what lies ahead and can determine whether they want to take a curative approach or a palliative approach.

Curative vs. Palliative Mesothelioma Treatment

When healthcare professionals refer to curative treatments and palliative treatments, they are talking about what the treatment goal is. A curative course of treatment fights hard and tries to provide the longest survival possible. A curative treatment's goal is simply to try to make the patient as comfortable as possible.

Though there are surgical options that can offer longer survival rates, they are not necessarily appropriate for every situation. Mesothelioma patients are advised to discuss all options with their physicians as well as with their families to make sure that they understand all of their choices and select the one that is best for them.

Surgical Options

There are a number of different surgical approaches that can be taken in the treatment of mesothelioma. Most patients will undergo a surgery designed to debulk, or reduce the size, of a tumor. This surgery can be performed to make the patient more comfortable, allowing them to breathe more easily and experience less pain. It can also be aimed at removing as much of the cancer as possible.

Mesothelioma surgeons have devised surgical approaches that are extremely complex and that remove lung tissue as well as the pleural lining itself in order to attempt to stop the spread of the disease. This type of surgery is most successful when combined with other modalities such as chemotherapy and radiation therapy.

New Approaches to Mesothelioma

Many patients are interested in being treated using the most innovative new approaches. These include gene therapy, immunotherapy and photodynamic therapy. Though these techniques have not yet received full approval from the Food and Drug Administration, they are often available through clinical trials, and have been offering great hope for increased survival times for mesothelioma patients.

Providing Assistance in Difficult Times

The mesothelioma law firm of Simon, Greenstone, Panatier & Bartlett understands that there are many difficult decisions in store for mesothelioma victims, and we are here to help make things easier. Contact us today for information on filing a claim against the asbestos company responsible for your mesothelioma. We can help you get justice for yourself and for your family.

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