The Texas Good Samaritan Law

Was a police report filed?
  • Most people wouldn't think twice about helping individuals who've been hurt in a car accident. Chances are, the people around an injured person would be the first ones to provide some form of first aid before police, fire & medical arrive on the scene.

    While this is a noble effort on the part of the pedestrian, injured individuals may suffer more injuries or may even end up dead as a result of assistance from a Good Samaritan. This ordinarily would amount to negligence. In Texas as with most states, the Good Samaritan Act exists to protect these people from lawsuits.

    The law is exhaustive and excludes other individuals from its protection. This includes:

    1. Healthcare practitioners charged with taking care of and treating the injured person.
    2. Any individual who gives assistance in the hopes of getting some form of monetary compensation.
    3. The individual who caused the accident in the first place
    4. A personal who usually administers regular emergency care in an emergency room or hospital.

    These exceptions exist to help stop people from shunning responsibility in the event of any form of negligence. At the same time, people who are injured usually have little to no control over their situation and rely on good Samaritans or healthcare professionals to give them the care they need in a timely manner.

    Taking a First Aid class may one day help you save someone else's life. Most of these classes are usually short and are less than 10 hours in total. Being a Good Samaritan might help you save a life; if you are in a situation where you need to offer some help to someone whose health is in danger, you should do so without the fear that you might be sued.

    If you've been in a situation where you suffered injuries to your person and suspect that negligence was involved, you may have the right to seek legal redress to get the justice that you deserve. We have a committed team of lawyers waiting to help you take your matter to court or settle for compensation. We look forward to serving you, and thank you for choosing Rasansky law firm.

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