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The most relaxing thing to do on a hot summer day is to put on your bathing suits and jump in the pool. Regardless of whether you are pulling the tarp off the backyard pool, hosting a pool party or taking a trip to the public pool, you and your family will be in and around water. Simply being around this much water opens the possibility for someone to get injured. In the case of an injury at a pool, determining who was at fault and therefore is liable is a task that your accident attorney could be faced with.

Swimming pool injuries are uniquely addressed in the law, and can prove to be quite a challenge for pool owners as well as those who are injured in a pool. That is why attorneys have offered the answers to some of the biggest questions surrounding swimming pool litigations. These answers provide guidance and caution that can avoid the need for a personal injury attorney altogether.

What laws apply to swimming pool injuries?

There are various injury laws specifically related to swimming pool incidents. Some only applied to privately owned pools while others are specifically regarding pools that are accessed by the public. Even more, there are laws in place to protect intentionally liable pool owners from carelessness or negligent behavior in addition to laws that provide for the compensation and restoration of the injured. Since these laws vary from state to state and the application of such laws are based on the circumstances of each case, stay in situation specific research must be done in order to determine which laws apply to your situation.

Can I file a lawsuit if I slip and fall at a pool?

Wow there are cases where an owner is required to compensate you for injuries sustained under their liability, that is not always the case. Establishing liability and proving negligent behavior is more complicated than most people expect. While people file slip and fall cases every day, the injuries that are experienced as a result are sustained at the mercy of a judges interpretation of the law as it applies to the facts of the case. So while it's possible that a slip and fall may result in a lawsuit, the facts of the case can prove to be at no fault of the owner of the pool.

Can my swimming pool be considered an attractive nuisance?

This may be of phrase that is unfamiliar to some, but very familiar to others. A swimming pool can be considered an attractive nuisance on your property depending on the definition of such as stated in your state laws. An attractive nuisance requires taking steps in order to prevent injuries. Pool owners carry the responsibility of legal liability for the pool owner so they may be required to install a fence or take other measures in order to prevent children from gaining unauthorized access to the pool. Failure to take these precautions could translate into millions of dollars in lawsuits and fines if they are not properly protected. An attorney can advise you on how to obtain liability protection, so consulting with one is wise.

If you have additional questions about injury liability regarding swimming pools, you should talk with a personal injury attorney. They can advise you on your rights and responsibilities and offer measures of protection that may be otherwise unknown. In the case that an injury has occurred, the attorney can guide you through the legal process in order to minimize the effect of the outcome.

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