Minor Injuries from Motorcycle Accidents That Can Become Serious

Being involved in a motorcycle accident can be an extremely scary matter, and the idea of escaping without serious injury is sometimes all you can ask for. There are some instances however where those minor injuries suffered are not exactly what they seem at first glance, and without getting immediate and proper medical treatment what you may have thought was just a small injury may unfortunately turn out to be something much more significant.

Accidents involving motorcycles are scarier than most, because the fact is that the driver is not protected the way they would be if they were in an automobile and safely behind the massive steel of a car. Not only that, the chances of you being thrown from the bike out onto the street are highly likely due to the nature of driving a motorcycle. Serious injuries are always possible in a situation such as this, from head trauma to a spinal cord injury to internal bleeding and unfortunately even death. These major injuries are all very real possibilities that one may encounter in a motorcycle accident, however the smaller injuries that are possibly not even noticed at the time still have the chance to end up being quite serious.

Road rash

Road rash is commonly defined as any skin scrapes that occur when a person's skin comes into contact with the street after being involved in a motorcycle crash, which includes any debris from the road that enters the skin through the injuries suffered when the layers of skin are shredded against the asphalt. There are several degrees to this painful injury but even the lowest one can still lead to something more serious.

  1. First degree road rash- Sometimes referred to as "avulsion" first degree road rash is considered "minor" and is the most common type of road rash experienced after a motorcycle accident. In this category the victim suffers scrapes, slight bleeding, tenderness, bruising and a general redness.

  2. Second degree road rash- Second degree road rash is more serious and has bleeding, swelling, exposed muscle and almost always requires stitches and may lead to scarring.

  3. Third degree road rash- Third degree road rash is considered severe and can cause deep wounds and bleeding as well as broken and exposed bones and severe pain. In these cases one must call and get medical attention as soon as possible as permanent scarring and loss of limbs can be possible.

Second and third degree road rash are obviously serious enough on their own that if and when they lead to serious injury it is to be expected and does not come as much of a surprise. First degree road rash however, may seem like an injury that will be easy to overcome at first but the chances of it leading to something worse are lamentably higher than you would like to believe.


The scrapes you receive in your motorcycle accident may not seem so terrible after the initial incident and you may not pay them much attention. However, if they are left untreated it is definitely possible that your wounds may become infected and those minor scrapes can become a dangerous infection. If you feel or see any of the following signs the chances that your road rash has got infected are unfortunately very likely.

  1. Increased redness and/or swelling of the area- When you first get home after your accident the scrapes and marks to your skin may not look too bad. If you start to notice swelling around the area and the scrapes becoming increasingly more red as well you may be suffering from an infection and should have it checked out by a medical professional immediately.

  2. More pain as time goes on- Whether it is the adrenaline you feel after being in an accident or the shock of trying to process what just happened you may not be in as much pain as you would think immediately following a motorcycle accident. On the other hand, you may also notice that the injury is becoming more and more painful as time goes on. This may mean that your wound has become infected, and what was initially not a big deal is suddenly becoming more serious.

  3. Rising heat on and around your injury- You may notice that your burn seems to be getting even hotter as the days go by. This is another sign that your road rash has become infected and that you should get it checked out again immediately.

  4. Fluid forming and draining from the wound- They may not form right away but a build-up of pus and fluid around the injured area in addition to fluid draining from the wound is a sure sign that your road rash has become infected and in turn has made your injury more serious.

Staph infections

Staph infections which are caused by bacteria can very often start in the smallest of cuts which are often found after a motorcycle accident. This yellow crust like substance that forms on your skin could be a small boil or worse-case scenario they can become a flesh-eating infection that is resistant to antibodies. If you notice a yellow crusting forming around the area in which you were injured immediately seek medical attention before it gets any worse.

MRSA infections

What can seemingly be a tiny pimple or small boil can actually be the start of what is known as an MRSA infection. Depending on the injury it may be a mild infection but if left untreated they can easily become a much bigger problem. The infected parts of the body can become severely red and full of pus in addition to being painful if you touch directly on or around the general area. Regardless, whether it is as small as a bug bite or whether the injury is major enough to cause you to run a fever this is yet another type of injury that did not seem quite so serious at first but in the end became a severe issue that could not be ignored.

No matter how serious an injury after a motorcycle accident appears to be it is always in good practice to have it looked at by a medical professional and to make sure you have a qualified attorney who is experienced in this area to guide you through the steps you should take to get you the compensation you may be entitled to. This is not the time to just try and ignore what happened or the pain you are feeling, have your injuries looked at by a professional as soon as you can before it leads to a more serious problem that could have been avoided down the road.

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