Hit by a Garbage Truck? Here’s What to Do

Was a police report filed?
  • The Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex is home to millions of people. Whether living in houses, an apartment complex, or a townhome, there is something that we all do: take out the trash. Due to the amount of trash produced in the city, a large amount of garbage trucks are needed to pick up and dispose trash. While it is true that the trash disposal system is very effective in keeping our cities in good hygiene, it is also true that there is a big downside: accidents.

    Garbage Truck Wrecks are Like 18-Wheeler Wrecks

    It is a common fact to let commercial vehicles occupy a sufficient amount of space to properly maneuver on our streets and freeways. At the end of the day, nobody wants to be in a position where they are placed too close to a commercial truck making a wide right hand turn. Nevertheless, the same attention is not always provided towards garbage trucks, even though waste disposal trucks can similarly cause serious accidents as a result of the trucks' size and limited visibility.

    Be Alert of Garbage Truck Dangers

    Repeated Stops and Wide Turns

    Every driver know the amount of times that garbage trucks stop can be frequent, which is why it is important to maintain a safe distance in all times.

    Technical Malfunctions

    Like large commercial vehicles, garbage trucks are made up of many moving parts. Being careful of your surroundings and driving in a defensive way is key when a problem seeks to arise with a garbage truck.

    Lose Trash

    Similar to a garbage truck, dump trucks can – and have – lost materials from their truck beds.

    Much like a dump truck, garbage trucks can lose material from their beds. If you are driving near a garbage truck while they are on their route, make sure to keep a safe distance.

    Limited Amount of Visibility

    Similar to large commercial vehicles, garbage and dump trucks have visibility levels that are limited. When walking or driving close to a garbage truck, be alert of their "no zones" (blind spots) located right behind and towards the rights of the truck.

    Garbage Truck Accident: Here's What to Do

    Get a Copy of a Police Report

    Police reports are important for many reasons. One of the most important reasons that a police report is important is because it holds basic (but very important) information of the garbage truck driver. This is imperative due to the fact that the company that the garbage truck driver works for can be located, as well as the driver's driving records can be reviewed. In addition, police reports note if you – or the driver or passengers of the vehicle you were in – were injured as a direct result of the accident. By recording the environment and setting of the wreck, noting how the wreck happened, recording information from witnesses that may have seen the accident, and so on, the police report can serve as a useful document of demonstrating exactly what happened. In other words, police reports are serve as useful evidence when submitting a claim.

    Record the Wreck

    Taking many pictures of the wreck, including damages to the vehicles involved and the injuries you sustained, can serve as important evidence. Photographs can add a case with credibility, because it shows the degree of your injury, who was responsible (at-fault) for the accident, road conditions, and more.

    Brining the Evidence Together

    Being in a garbage truck accident is not like being in an accident with another car, due to the fact that garbage and dump trucks are both owned and operated by the city and its employees. As a result, I strongly suggest for you to hire a personal injury attorney who can help guide you through the claims process, represent you and your legal rights, and help guide you through the requirements that the city placed for submitting a claim.

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