Top Car Wreck Questions Answered

Was a police report filed?
  • When some is involved in a car wreck, they may probably have several questions regarding their legal rights, getting their vehicle repaired, and dealing with the at-fault party's insurance company. It is important to note that anyone that has been injured should immediately get medical treatment, followed by a free consultation with a Board-Certified personal injury attorney to ensure that they receive the full and just compensation that they deserve.

    Here are three of the top car wreck questions asked;

    How Can a Police Crash Report be Interpreted?

    In nearly all car wrecks where a police officer is called to the scene, a Crash Report from a Texas Peace Officer will be filled out. In the report, the name and addresses of the drivers involved in the wreck, as well as their insurance information and the information of the passengers of the vehicles during the wreck will be recorded. Also, the location where the cars will be towed and hospitals or emergency clinics where the injured victims were taken will also be listed in the report.

    Equally important, the Crash Report holds the investigating police officer's opinion of who the at-fault driver was, as well as any possible contributing factors. This will be one of the first things that a personal injury attorney will search when investigating a personal injury case. However, newer versions of police reports only give a certain code used to identifying the cause of the accident, which means that a Police Crash Report Sheet will be needed to decipher what caused the accident.

    How Can a Rental Vehicle Be Obtained?

    In Dallas-Fort Worth, people depend on their vehicles to get around the Metroplex, so just a couple of days without a vehicle can bring major inconveniences. If there is rental car coverage in your own insurance policy, it is very likely that getting that the insurance will organize the car rental process for you. If rental car coverage is not included in your coverage, then you will have to contact the at-fault party's insurance company. However, be ready for them to be difficult to work with (although having a personal injury attorney contacting them can get things going faster for you). If you choose to get a car rental through your insurance policy, then the insurance company can get a reimbursement form the at-fault party's insurance company.

    How Can I Stop an Insurance Adjuster from Bothering Me?

    If you have been injured in a car accident, you are legally entitled to pursue compensation under the law in Texas. If the insurance company of the driver that caused the accident keeps bothering you to settle your personal injury case early, this should be an alert. If you have not consulted with a personal injury attorney, the time to do so is now! Insurance companies want for you to settle your case early before you have an opportunity to seek legal advice because this means that their company will save a great amount of money, and they will receive a bonus instead of you receiving the compensation you deserve for your accident-related expenses. If they are persisting in making you settle a case, this should be a direct signal that you need to contact a personal injury attorney.

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