Ramifications of Motorcycle Collisions and Compensation

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Few experiences are as rewarding as when a person takes their motorcycle to the open road. A powerful mode of conveyance that personifies the freedoms we enjoy in our country. Independence to roam on rural roads and weave in and out of traffic on the expressways. On the flip side, a healthy respect for this machine is needed at all times. One must be aware of the increased potential for accidents that this method of transportation possesses. For when moments go awry, the likelihood of grave injury is so much greater than when riding in a car or truck.

Regions Where Motorcyclist are Most Vulnerable

An in depth analysis of statistics can illuminate not only the hazards but regions in the country where they are most likely to occur. Projections forecast that over 4,000 people will lose their lives from being involved in motorcycle accidents each year. While this number is dwarfed by mortality figures in automobiles, totals from just a decade ago illustrate the growing danger of motorcycle riding. In the span of just 11 years, the amount of fatalities has doubled from two thousand. The region where this has been most felt is Texas. The Longhorn State alone has a reported 500 fatal collisions last year.

Missing Elements of Protection in Collisions
Automobiles and trucks have elements of protection that can not be employed with motorcycles. An absence of a surrounding frame vastly increases metal on flesh contact. Seat belts are not present to help prevent a person from being thrown off their bike. Air bags can not be employed on motorcycles. Helmets provide the head region with heightened protection but now some states have allowed riders to legally operate the conveyance without having to wear one. All of this sees a more likely result of death aboard a motorcycle.

Front and Rear
While any point of collision has drastic vulnerability, deaths from front and rear crashes are the most common. Wrecks of the front end variety are almost always fatal. Survivors face serious head injuries with drastic brain damage occurring in most cases when people escape with their lives at this angle of impact. Rear end wrecks in cars and trucks can often be minor fender benders that require minor cosmetic repairs to the outside of the vehicles. Motorcycles that are hit from behind are much more catastrophic occurrences. Not only is the driver in danger of all the front end injuries but also faces the potential of being pinched to the ground or to a stationary object directly in front of them.

Finally, the urge to modify a motorcycle essentially nullifies the safety that the machine can operate at high speeds. Often this will only manifest itself when pushing the machine to its limits. Only reputable shops should be enlisted for any type of repair.

If a loved one has perished because of a motorcycle accident, the state of California has statuettes in place to recompense survivors. No one wants to think of needing quality representation in those times. The professionals know not only key dates and procedures but the protocols for the protection of your rights. Suspect that your loved one died as a direct result of a motorcycle behooves one to reach out to see if one qualifies for compensation for their tragic loss.

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