Railroad Accidents in Texas (Car-vs-Train Crashes)

Is the car always to blame in a car-vs-train accident? Absolutely not!

The more the economy continues to grow, the more we continue to be dependent on transportation. Of course, more vehicles leads to more accidents. Car-vs-car accidents can get very complicated, but you're in for even more if you're involved in a car-vs-train accident in Texas.

You would think that since railroads are blocked off when trains are passing, that the car is always at fault when it comes to railroad accidents. But, that is not always the case. Accidents at railroad crossings are a serious matter, injure a great number of people in the U.S. every year, and are often fatal. Possible causes of accidents at RR crossings include: defective signals or gates, crossing arms failing to lower, crossings obstructed by plants and other objects, trains that fail to sound their horns when approaching crossings, trains that fail to use their lights when approaching crossings, dangerous design of the intersection, operating the train while drunk or distracted, operating the train at excessive speeds, insufficient lighting of the tracks at night, as well as objects protruding from the train.

In recent news, a collision between a car carrying three passengers and a Trinity Railway Express Train carrying 67 passengers occurred in Haltom City, Texas on 10/01/2013. All three passengers in the car were severely injured and hospitalized. One of the victims later died due to the impact of the injuries caused by the TRE train accident. (source)

There's another recent story of a collision between a car and a double-decker Trinity Railway Express Train carrying 150 passengers in Fort Worth, Texas. This 10/19/2013 accident resulted in the passengers of the car being trapped in the wreckage. Only one passenger from the train reported injury, but unfortunately the driver of the car did not survive. (source)

In yet ANOTHER Trinity Railway Express collision on 11/04/2013, a car carrying a single passenger and an empty TRE train collided in Haltom City, Texas. The driver of the car was hospitalized. (source)

The moral of the story is that train-versus-automobile accidents are a very serious matter. When you hear of an accident between a train and car, one must not assume that it is the car's fault, because there is a great possibility that it is not. If you want to know more about a train versus car accident, it is best to have an attorney look into YOUR case. Each situation is different, and the attorneys at Rasansky Law Firm would be glad to discuss the specifics of your case for no charge.

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