Malfunctioning Car Seats and Texas Law

In Texas, the law requires for every child who are eight years-old or under must sit in a car seat, with the exception if the child's height exceeds four feet and nine inches.

As a personal injury attorney in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, I am aware that car seats are very important, especially if children are involved in a wreck. However, not all car seats are completely reliable. At times, children can be hurt in a wreck due to a malfunctioning or broken car seat.

If you have a child that was injured because of a malfunctioned car seat, considering contacting a personal injury attorney might be a good option. Not everybody needs to hire an attorney. If your children weren't hurt badly and didn't require to visit the doctor, for example, you might not need to contact an attorney. However, if one or more of your kids were seriously injured and there are medical bills that have started to stack up, you might have more at risk and it might be worth scheduling a free consultation with a lawyer that is Board Certified.

Here's Why Malfunctioning Car Seats Can Be Dangerous

Car wrecks can be very serious for the people who are involved in one. For this reason, children must be protected from receiving injuries in a car accident. Car seats are specially created to safeguard children in the best way possible. This is why defective car seats can create dangers for two large reasons. One big reason is that if a car wreck were to occur, a car seat that is defective might fail to fully protect a child in comparison to a car seat in top safety conditions. Secondly, car seats that have defects might not be as easily seen. For this reason, it might be difficult for parents to identify that a car seat has a problem that must receive attention.

Texas Law and Defective Car Seats

Through the law in Texas, someone can submit a product liability claim when a product has a flaw in design, substandard manufacturing, or not testing the product properly. In addition, there is a possibility that someone can file a product liability case in the event that a product did not come with the appropriate labels (for instance, if an infant's car seat cam with inadequate directions or correct warning labels).

It is important for you to record everything that occurred exactly as it happened in detail in the event that your child was injured because their child seat was not working properly. Keeping track of any medical bills and appointments is also important. Also, get a copy of a police report of your situation. Furthermore, if one of your children were severely hurt and you think you might have a case, you would need to do a lot more than blaming the car seat manufacturing company; you would have to prove that their manufactured car seat directly caused your child to be injured, which can be done through the use of evidence.

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