Having Trouble with the Insurance Company? Here's Why You Should Contact a Personal Injury Attorney

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  • You have just been in a car accident. I'm terribly sorry. Car wrecks are not fun at all.

    Following a wreck, you might be feeling a bit overwhelmed. Not only do you have medical expenses, you also have to deal with not going to work and you are in frustrating pain. Even more, all of a sudden you have been placed in the strange environment of accident and insurance policies and you want to avoid a bad move that might hurt your claim.

    Dealing with the insurance companies' adjusters daily has taught me that they will not facilitate things for you. Adjusters have the motivation to reduce your claim's value, or reject it altogether. How come? If they pay a less amount of settlement to you, more money is saved by their insurance company.

    Common Problems with Insurance Adjusters

    Here is only a sample of the numerous amounts of complaints expressed by my clients concerning their adjusters assigned by the insurance company:

    • Insurance adjusters do not want to pay their accident-related expenses.
    • Insurance adjusters refuse to acknowledge the seriousness of your injuries,
    • Insurance adjusters wait a long time to provide you with a rental car,
    • Insurance adjusters do not pay your lost work time,
    • Insurance adjusters do not return the injured victim's phone calls, and so on…

    Hire a Car Wreck Attorney: You Don't Pay a Single Penny Unless Your Case is Won

    While there are countless benefits for contacting a personal injury attorney, the main reason is compensation. There may be compensation available to cover for an injured accident victim's medical expenses (including but not limited to hospitals stays, medicine, rehabilitation and therapy sessions, doctor visits, etc.), lost wages as a result of the inability to work due to injuries, pain and suffering. Also, any emotional suffering can be compensated for. This can include the anxiety and fear of driving, which is a common feeling felt by victims who have had severe injuries. In essence, anything that is accident-related and has generated expenses and physical/emotional suffering can be accounted for, which is something insurance companies typically refuse to do.

    The majority of car wreck attorneys work on a contingency basis, meaning that you would pay if and only if your case is won. Then, when your case is won the amount you would pay your attorney would be a certain percentage agreed upon in the initial contract. This means that you would pay nothing out of pocket, and that you can start receiving immediate medical treatment for your injuries.

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