How to File a Claim on the Other Driver’s Insurance in Texas

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  • Which Insurance Should I Pursue after a Car Accident?

    The driver that was at-fault is required to pay for the other driver's vehicle repairs and medical expenses they caused, which is why the claim that you will submit will be made under the other driver's insurance company.

    In the event of a wreck, if you think that the person was responsible for causing the accident, you must call their insurance company to file a claim. Getting the information of the driver involved in the wreck is a very important step for this reason: the information you get, such as their name, license information, and insurance policy number, is what you'll use to communicate with their insurance company.

    Something to keep in mind is the fact that the State of Texas is one of the handful of states that the responsibility of a car accident can be distributed among the drivers involved. For instance, if you were driving and using your phone to send text messages at the same time, and if a speeding driver crashed against you because you accidently got in their way, both of you could be held responsible for the accident; your priority was to be driving, not on the phone, and the other driver should have been driving at a normal speed limit. In this case, while it is still possible to file a claim against the driver that hit you, chances are that all of the expenses associated with the accident (health bills, repairs to the car, etc.) might not be recovered.

    Deciding Who Was Responsible for the Accident

    A decision as to who was at-fault for causing the accident will be decided by the insurance company after the adjusters analyze both sides of the story and see the evidences that you (or an attorney) gives them. Nevertheless, there are times that the responsibility for an accident isn't recognized by insurance companies.

    For example, a positive, ideal scenario is that the insurance company of the driver that caused the accident accepts the responsibility for the accident. This will advance the claims process, which will bring the situation closer to being resolved.

    However, in the event that an insurance company rejects the responsibility for an accident, hiring a lawyer to create a lawsuit would be the only way to win the claim.

    After a lawsuit has been filed, the decision of who caused the accident moves from the insurance company to a jury.

    What Amount of Money Can I Win Back?

    • Which driver caused the accident? Did you partially cause the accident? (The claim value could be decreased by this).
    • Do you have evidence to demonstrate who created the wreck? Can you prove your story?
    • What were the expenses with repairing your vehicle?
    • What type of medical injuries did you face following the wreck?
    • Were there any missed days after the accident? (If you have wages that you lost, you can claim them as well).
    • Did the car accident affect your life in a negative way? (Any pain or suffering that you faced can also be claimed).

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