I’ve Been Hurt In a Bike Accident. Now What?

The city of Chicago is a beautiful, wondrous concrete jungle. Part of the charm of our city is that it constantly gives the impression that anything can happen at any time. Chicago is home to millions of people doing millions of activities every minute of every day. Unfortunately, a city that moves at this pace is often the breeding grounds for accidents. For our millions of commuters that choose to traverse Chicago by bicycle, these accidents can result in serious injury. When two drivers in two different cars collide, grave injuries can result. When one of those drivers is behind the handlebars of a bicycle, the protection offered by airbags and seatbelts is nonexistent. The city of Chicago reported that between 2005 and 2010 there were 9,000 accidents involving bicyclists. If you regularly travel Chicago by bike, the following include steps you should take if you are involved in an accident:

Take Photographs

Photographs of the accident site are incredibly important to building a case. Photos allow others, such as the judge or jury, to see the scene as it was and understand how the accident occurred. Additionally, photos of the damage to you or your personal property help determine how much compensation to which you may be entitled.

Obtain the Police Report

Police reports help your case by offering the statements and identities of witnesses, verifying whether a traffic citation was given, and conveying in official terms the precise nature of the accident. Police reports often give details about traffic, weather conditions, and diagrams of the cars, or bicycles, as the accident occurred.

Talk to Witnesses

If you are able to speak to witnesses at the time of your accident, do so. Generally, witness statements will be in the police report, however, not all witnesses will patiently wait for the police to arrive. If someone stops to help or call the police, ask for his or her name or phone number so that you can contact him or her later. Witnesses are incredibly useful in explaining the accident to a judge or jury.

Get Your Medical Records

Making a personal injury claim requires bodily injury. To demonstrate that you have been injured, as well as the extent of your injury, you will need medical records. Your medical records will detail your injury, your treatment, your doctor's diagnosis, and the activities you now must refrain from doing. This is not only important to make a claim for compensation, but also to establish your claim from the outset.

Keep Track of Expenses

Generally, you will want to make a claim for all expenses related to your injury. To make that claim, you will need to show that the expenses existed in the first place. Whether you pick up medicine from a pharmacy, go to physical therapy, have your car fixed by an auto body shop, or rent a car while yours is in the shop, you need to keep your costs documented. Copies of receipts are generally your best bet.

If you have been injured on a bicycle and need a personal injury attorney, contact Willens Law Offices today. Even if you were unable to take these steps after your accident, we will fight for your right to compensation. Don't leave your financial future in the hands of an insurance adjuster; reach out to us today.

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