The Aftermath of a Car Accident

Was a police report filed?
  • In a recent article, I addressed the grave conditions of the roads in South Carolina and how they continue to get worse. As the roads deteriorate, there is an increase in car accidents. The average person might think it will not happen to them because they are a safe driver. However, it is often the other person's fault in a wreck, injuring the safe driver.

    The moment a car wreck occurs; a whirlwind of emotions take place. I had panic, anxiety, fear, and adrenaline. I know this because a negligent driver rear-ended me in April of this year. The immediate feelings are a whole rush of emotions. I was in pain, so the first thing I did was to evaluate myself and make sure that I didn't think I had any broken bones. I then opened my console, reached for my cell phone, and called 911. It is important to call emergency services immediately. I informed them who I was and that I had been in an accident, and what happened. When the officer arrived on the scene, he interviewed the other driver and me. He then issued the FR-10, which is the incident report. It is crucial that you keep this document when you are involved in an accident. It must be submitted to the insurance company. This report will also list who was at fault and who wasn't. This incident report will come in handy when dealing with the insurance company.

    After receiving the report, I then stepped out of my car and took photos. I photographed not only my car but also the car who hit me. I then photographed the VIN number on my car for identification purposes. I suggest as many photos as possible from many different angles.

    If you require medical attention after being an accident, do so immediately. After a hospital visit, it is important to schedule a follow-up appointment with your primary care physician. They may want you to follow-up with a specialist. I recommend keeping a detailed list of everywhere you received treatment after a car accident. When your attorney compiles your records, this will make the process more efficient.

    The insurance company will be reaching out to you almost immediately after your accident. They record every single second of each call. I tell you this because their tactics are too often crafted to twist your words and to get you to crisscross your account of the accident. They will then use your words out of context against you at a later date to avoid just compensation for your accident.

    I recommend that anyone who is in a car wreck, regardless of how minor it may be, please consult an attorney immediately. They can provide you with detailed legal advice on how to address your situation.

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