Police Abuse Use of Taser Guns Killing and Injuring Innocent Civilians

Police Brutality has becoming a very sensitive topic in the US and all around the world in the last couple of years. There have been many cases where police officers were accused of using excessive force when detaining a subject, whether if it was by putting handcuffs with physical restraint, using pepper spray, or using a taser which is also widely known as a stun gun. Some citizens will even go as far as to say that the tasers are a form of cruel and unusual punishment and should not be used period or atleast have stricter human stun gun laws. There have also been tazings caught on video of students, women, and even men being tasered resulting in serious injury or even death.

The two main taser models the police use are the M26 and the X26; both of these models have a Electro-Muscular Disruption (EMD) device that causes any person shot by a stun gun to have involentary muscle contractions that usually will disable a fleeing or incompliant subject. Cops taser guns are capable of releasing up to 50000 volts into a person on impact; there are even new models of tasers that are in shotgun form. So is it really the tazer guns that are the problem or is it misuse from the police officer?

Are your civil rights violated? Can a lawsuit be filed in the event of an injury or death from a cops tazer? The following police taser videos should help you answer these questions. If you are a victim of police brutality, please contact a civil litigation attorney today.

Vancouver Police Taser Kills Confused Russian Man who doesn't Speak English

Tragic. Clearly the man was confused and needed help, probably a translator. Was the use of a taser necessary? You have 5 cops and one unarmed man. What do they teach at the police academy?

Baptist Pastor Beaten and Tazed by Border Patrol Police

The first tazer video on the left is the tazering unfolding. It is a bit far, but you can still see most of the stun gun action happening. The video on the right is the 1st hand story from the Arizona baptist pastor talking about how he was tasered when trying to come back from Mexico.

Police Tasers Unarmed and Helpless Senior Citizen

Again, you have 4 cops and one elderly man. Do the police have a monthly quota on the number of times they need to fire their taser guns? I don't see how an elderly man can be intimidating to 4 police officers all armed with tasers. Using a taser on a senior citizen is just wrong, and the firing of the tazer could have been avoided if the police officers really wanted.

Police Tasers UCLA student in Library

A pattern seems to emerge. Not only are the police trigger happy with their tazers, they prefer an audience. There was a huge student protest at UCLA after this tazing of a UCLA student in the middle of a library. There definately needs to be stricter laws on not only tasers for sale, but also on the use of these tasers.

Police Tasers 14 year old girl's head

There honestly is no reason why a police officer should be tasing a 14 year old girl, and to tase one in the head is just obsurd. The stun gun is supposed to be used to help subdue a suspect that they can't handle, and to taze a 14 year old girl in the face just makes me sick.

Report on "Are Police Too Trigger Happy"

The answer to this question is: "Yes!" The video shows clips of police tasering a woman after she was handcuffed, shocking a father who was holding his new born baby, and a cop who used a stun gun on his own kid. In 2000, there were only 500 agencies with tasers and stun guns, that has grown to 11,000 agencies in 2007.

Police Tasers Dog

Apparently tazing doesn't stop on electrifying humans. Here is a taser video of police officers tasing a dog. Animal rights activists are going to be all over this one. I am a dog owner myself, and if I seen my dog being tazered by the police I would definately be happy.

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