Types of Compensation Personal Injury Lawyers Can Help You Obtain

When you've been injured, you may think you're only eligible to receive reimbursement for medical bills. That's not necessarily true—there are several other forms of compensation you may be entitled to, but a lawyer will be the one you need to discuss this with.

When you're injured, it makes sense that your first priority is typically seeking medical attention and getting your life back to normal as fast as you can. What you may not be aware of, however, is that in addition to seeking compensation for medical bills, hiring a personal injury attorney may be helpful when it comes to seeking compensation for other damages or losses, financial or otherwise. It's important to get the financial compensation you deserve, both for medical bills and other losses you've incurred.

Insurance companies and other liable parties will resist paying out and try to get you to agree to payments much smaller than what you actually may be entitled to. It's important not to accept initial offers or sign any waivers or paperwork they attempt to get you to sign. Doing so may disqualify you from fighting for a better settlement. With that being said, you should at least be aware of the other types of compensation you can seek.

1) Pain & Suffering

Pain and suffering compensation is somewhat similar to seeking compensation for medical bills. These monetary damages pay for the pain you have already dealt with and the suffering you've endured, as well as any future treatments you may need for lingering effects of the injury.

2) Emotional Distress, Loss of Enjoyment

These two things cover more of the psychological aspects of an injury. Emotional distress compensation deals with the mental effects of getting hurt, such as depression, anxiety, loss of sleep, etc. The compensation can be used for things like seeking therapy or other treatment. As for loss of enjoyment, this is compensation served for when an accident causes an injury that prevents a person from pursuing their everyday interests, whether those interests are hobbies, exercise, or other recreational activities. If an injury causes you to lose the ability to fully enjoy your life, you can speak with a lawyer about the best way to seek compensation for the things you are missing out on now.

3) Income

Of course, another thing you can seek compensation for is lost income. This can be directly related to your injury—you need to take time off work—or related to bigger problems, like the injury causing permanent damage that makes it impossible for you to return to your old job or industry. In this case, you'll absolutely need to work with a lawyer who has experience with lost income compensation, since it can be complex to try and figure out what sort of figure you should be fighting for.

4) Property Loss

Property loss is another common thing people seek reimbursement for. If someone's car is totaled in an accident or other property is damaged in the course of the injury happening, the person filing the claim may have the right to seek out damages for property to be replaced or repaired. This is a dollar amount that is easier to figure out than some of the other figures, but it's still typically helpful to hire legal representation to more effectively fight your case.

5) Loss of Consortium

Loss of consortium is something you will definitely need to hire a lawyer in order to seek compensation for. Loss of consortium damagers are awarded when an injury has a direct effect on someone's relationship with their spouse. Consortium compensation is awarded when the loss of companionship or loss of ability to maintain a sexual relationship is caused by an injury. As you might imagine, these are damages that are very difficult to put a dollar amount, and in some cases the damages are awarded directly to the spouse rather than the claimant. In all of these instances, it's important to hire a lawyer who has experience with your type of case so that they know what is an appropriate amount of compensation to fight for. A regular person would likely have a difficult time trying to figure out an exact dollar amount that damages are worth, whereas a lawyer will have a much more informed frame of reference.

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