Melissa Linebaugh

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Melissa Linebaugh graduated with honors from the University of Baltimore School of Law and is a member of the Maryland bar. She has a background in criminal, disability, and family law. Ms. Linebaugh works as a general practitioner.

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Articles By Melissa Linebaugh

A Guide to SSI Disability Benefits
The federal government has two programs that provide cash payments to people who are disabled: Supplemental Security income (SSI) and Social Security disability (SSD), Even though they are both oft
Mental Conditions Overview
Many applications for Social Security disability are filed for mental conditions, but these claims can be challenging to win.
Why Do Disability Claimants With Lawyers Have a Better Chance of Winning Benefits?
Disability applicants who hire an attorney to handle their Social Security disability (SSD) or SSI disability claim are more likely to be approved than those who don’t.