ExpertHub Legal Network: Sales Tools

Use use the attached materials for selling the ExpertHub Legal Network

Call Flow Process -

This document provides a visual to the sales flow process, script and objection rebuttals.

Call Flow Process

Scripting -

1-Call Pitch

1-Call Pitch (Network Only) - Use this pitch for all NEW sales - NETWORK ONLY

1-Call Pitch (with Exclusive) - Use this pitch for all renewal and upsell sales

30-second Elevator Pitch

An option for those propsects who are in a hurry.

30-second Pitch

FAQ and Objections -

Inside Sales

FAQ's - Best Practicea FAQ's

Positioning and Talking Points - Best Practices Rebuttals

Objections/Rebuttals - Best Practices Rebuttals

Online Marketing Rebuttlas - Use in conjuction with "Proposal" to back up any questions regarding the ROI analysis

Contract Legal- Master Template [Proposal Generator]

Contract Plastic Surgeons- Master Template [Proposal Generator]

Contract Dental- Master Template [Proposal Generator]

Contract Chiropractors- Master Template [Proposal Generator]

Contract Financial Planners- Master Template [Proposal Generator]

Contract Accountants- Master Template [Proposal Generator]

Email Templates -

Please use the email templates located in Salesforce.

Sales Proposal -

How to reactivate a sales proposal

Insertion Orders -


Attached are the Insertion Order agreements for Network Only (new customers) and Network PLUS Exclusive and/or Open Inquiry, only use if the online proposal generator is not working:

**Payment Options are as follows**

Auto Renewing Contracts = Credit card and Bank EFT (electronic funds transfer) only, 1 month minimum commitment is ok.

Non-Auto Renewing Contracts = Above applies, and one-time checks accepted only for 6 month minimum commitment periods.

If you have any questions on filling them out, please let Chelsey know. Anyone that does not want to auto-renew, must agree to a minimum of a 6 month deal up front. If they are hesitant, point out that there is an easy termination clause that they can exercise. Additionally, we will no longer be offering negotiated payment plans. If clients want to pay in installments, they will have to go with our monthly auto-renewing contract.

Keyword Pricing -

Use this spreadsheet to look up estimated average ranges for keywords by practice area. Please note that there are 4 worksheets within this file.

Keywords and CPC Pricing

Google Traffic Estimator -

Use this to determine the estimated average CPC rates for keywords. ONLY use this if there are specific keywords needed for a proposal that are not included in your CPC spreadsheet.

Directions for Google Traffic Estimator

Training -

Access training documents below.

Internet Marketing: Internet/Online Marketing overview and cost savings analysis training.

Domains by Subscription -

View a list of domains that are broken down by pratice area and subsription type.

Domain by Subscription Type: Practice area and subscription type

Keyword Search Positions -

Use this report view a list of keywords and their organic seach positions by practice are.

Keyword Search Position: Keyword Search Positions

Langan Leads Report -

Use this report to view historical lead volume by practice area, state and/or domain. Make sure to use the start date of October 21, 2008 when running this report.

Langan Leads: Langan Leads Report

Zip Code Radius -

Use this link to locate the couties surrounding a zip code by mileage. Example: Attorney Smith wants leads within 50 miles of San Francisco. This will provide you with the names of the counties within 50 miles of San Franciscso.

Radius Locator

Competitor List -

List of legal competitors.


Fax Cover Sheet -

FL Fax Sheet

CA Fax Sheet

Sales Territories -

Sales Territories: May 7 2009