Bad Landlord?

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Signs of a Bad Landlord

  1. "I don't know" Landlord: The landlord doesn't seem to know what he is talking about. He probably doesn't know much about the apartment nor probably care enough to help you later.
  2. "I can do whatever I want" landlord: Landlord will show you anything and everything from occupied apartment that is in shambles or a vacant apartment that doesn't look taken care of. Chances are, it will look the same when you move in.
  3. Sneaky Landlord: Landlord only shows "apartments like this one". Why not show me one that I will be in? We all know models always look better than they are...
  4. Neglectful Landlord: If the rental property has trash all over and the "rent" size is dirty/graffiti-ed, well, good landlords visit regularly for maintenance. You do the math.

Bad Landlord In Action

Check this guy out! Richard Ott may seem like an average Joe, but some people are just way too creative for their own good! Lets explore this guy's thought process:

  • Rent money is late
  • Since rent money is late, I need to show the tenants fear
  • Crash my own hummer into my own property to scare them
  • Now I am in jail

Did you follow that? I didn't...

How To Avoid Potential Crazy Landlords

The best way to not have a crazy landlord is to just not rent from one. If you see something like this:

I am a born again Christian. Why is this a problem for people????! I have a house that's MINE and I PAID FOR IT. I also have a basement apartment for rent. It's a great space [and] I'm charging very little for it, $480 monthly, for the right tenant. I know it's ILLEGAL to require a Christian in the apartment, against the human rights. That's why I NEVER put this in my ad. Why then does it keep getting taken down?


Available Immediately – Broadway and Commercial – Showing Saturday and Sunday – Email for directions and additional information.

What kind of apartment is it?

  • One bedroom basement apartment with separate entrance
  • Tastefully decorated with modern décor
  • Approximately 650 square feet
  • There is even a window! Security bars installed for your safety and to prevent unauthorized activity
  • Closed circuit camera installed for security and safety. One in your suite, one at the entrance, and one in the exercise yard


  • $480.00 per month
  • First month's rent +

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