The Hidden Cost of a Traffic Conviction – The Driver Responsibility Assessment

DMV points accrue when a motorist is convicted of a moving violation. Accruing 6 or more   points in an 18 month period for convictions committed in New York, Quebec, or Ontario, results in an additional fine directly from the DMV, called a “driver responsibility assessment.” 

The assessment applies to NY licensees, out of state licensees, and even if you have no license. On the ticket there is a fine print warning about the possibility of an assessment. Even when the violation is 6 or more points, few courts warn motorists when they enter pleas in court or by mail. The assessment is $300.00 for the first six points and $75.00 for every point thereafter. The assessment is paid directly to the NYS DMV via mail, online:, or at a DMV office. It can be paid in full or 1/3 installments.

How Noticed

The DMV mails the assessment notice to the motorist. Many people neglect to change their address upon moving and do not get the assessment notice. When they default their license is suspended, which also accrues another $70.00 fee to lift the suspension. Clients can be directed here: to change their address if required.

Driving Up the Real Cost of the Ticket

The assessment substantially drives up the total fine. A 6 point speeding conviction adds $300.00, 8 point adds $450.00, and 11 point adds $675.00 in addition to a mandatory suspension.

Other Assessments

A driving while intoxicated offense and a refusal for a chemical test each accrue a $750.00 assessment. Upon a conviction of operating without insurance, NY VTL § 319, in addition to a 1 year license revocation the total assessment is $750.00.

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