State Tax in Texas

The great State of Texas does not impose any personal income tax on any of its residents.

Sales and Inheritance Taxation Law in Texas

The Lone Star State imposes a 6.25 per cent sales tax. Local Government bodies are funded by an additional two per cent tax on the 6.25 per cent bringing the combined total to 8.25 per cent. There is a two per cent Fireworks.

Both gasoline and diesel is taxed 20 cents a gallon in Texas. Cigarettes are taxed $1.41 for a single pack of 20 cigarettes in the Lone Star State.

No Inheritance Tax is levied by Public Accounts in the great State of Texas.

Property and Inheritance Tax Laws in Texas

The State of Texas does not impose Property Tax either. There are various taxing units in Texas such as the counties and municipalities that assess and collect taxes on tangible assets. These taxes vary greatly year to year and location to location. Residential homestead exemption is available for all elderly and permanently disabled Texans.

All Tax assessments are measured in the hundreds of dollars. There are no Inheritance Taxes in the great State of Texas. 

Texas Public Accounts

Susan Combs is the Comptroller of Public Accounts, Texas. She was elected as the Comptroller in November 2006 and her first day as the Comptroller was January 1st 2007. There 32 field offices of Public Accounts in Texas.

Stats for State Tax in Texas

In 2004 The State of Texas collected $ 30,828,000,000 in revenue. This equated to average revenue per capita of $ 1,370.74 for the State of Texas which is roughly 4.67 per cent. This places Texas at number 39 for the highest percentage of revenue collected per capita for 2004.