State Tax in Ohio

All tax returns are to be filed by 15th of April or the next business day if the 15th is a holiday or if it falls on a weekend. Ohio Department of Taxation is a very Internet ‘friendly’ tax department and offers very powerful online options for Ohio taxpayers including status of tax refunds. You can even email suspected fraud cases to Ohio Department of Taxation.

There are nine tax brackets for single filers in Ohio:

  1. 0.649 per cent on the first $ 5,000 of taxable income
  2. 1.299 per cent for a taxable income between $ 5,001 and $ 10,000
  3. 2.598 per cent for a taxable income between $ 10,001 and $ 15,000
  4. 3.247 per cent for a taxable income between $ 15,001 and $ 20,000
  5. 3.895 per cent for a taxable income between $ 20,001 and $ 400,000
  6. 4.546 per cent for a taxable income between $ 40,001 and $ 80,000
  7. 5.194 per cent for a taxable income between $ 80,001 and $ 100,000
  8. 6.031 per cent for a taxable income between $ 100,001 and $ 200,000
  9. 6.555 per cent for a taxable income of $ 200,001 and over


Sales Tax Laws in Ohio

Ohio levies 5.5 per cent Sales Tax. Not all municipalities levy additional tax which varies between 0.25 per cent to 1.5 per cent. There is a School District Income Tax which is collected through individual quarterly and annual taxes. The School Income District Tax can also be filed through employer withholding taxes.

Gasoline and diesel is taxed 28 cents per gallon. A pack of 20 cigarettes is taxed at $ 1.25 in the great State of Ohio.

Personal Property and Inheritance Tax in Ohio

There was a 10 per cent rollback on personal property tax, a law which has now been eliminated. Tangible personal property tax is to be eliminated by 2009. Property Tax Administration Fund assists in the funding of Ohio Department of Taxation’s operating expenses. Ohio does not levy any Inheritance Tax. 

Ohio Department of Taxation: Facts and Figures

The present Tax Commissioner of Ohio Department of Taxation, Richard A. Levin, was appointed by Governor Ted Strickland on January 8th 2007.

In 2004 The State of Ohio collected $ 24,031,000,000 in revenue. This equated to average revenue per capita of $ 2,097.13 for the State of Ohio which is roughly seven per cent. This places Ohio at number 11 for the highest percentage of revenue collected per capita for 2004.