State Tax in Montana

The state income tax in Montana ranges from one per cent to 6.9 per cent.  There are seven income brackets.

The Tax Brackets Are as Follows -

  • One per cent on the first $2,500 of taxable income
  • Two per cent on taxable income that is between $2,500 and $4,400
  • Three per cent on taxable income that is between $4,401 and $6,600
  • Four per cent on taxable income that is between $6,601 and $9,000
  • Five per cent on taxable income that is between $9,001 and $11,600
  • Six per cent on taxable income that is between $11,601 and $14,900
  • 6.9 per cent on taxable income that is $14,901 and above


Who Must Mile State Income Tax

  • If you file a federal income tax return, you must file a state income tax return.
  • You must file if you are a non-resident and you earned income from the state of Montana.


Due Date For Paying Montana State Income Tax

  • Tax returns are due and payable on or before April 15th.  If the 15th happens to fall on a weekend or holiday, then the due date moves to the next business day.
  • If you are not able to pay the full amount of the tax, it is important to file on time to avoid penalties and late filing fees. Pay what you can and the State of Montana will bill you for the balance of your income tax, along with penalties and interest.


The State of Montana has many individual tax laws and incentives that they offer the taxpayer.  Following are some of the credits available to taxpayers -

  • Adoption credit – This is given after adoption has been finalized and gives a credit of $1,000 per child.
  • Alternative Energy Production Credit
  • Alternative Energy Systems Credit
  • Alternative Fuel Conversion Credit
  • Biodiesel Blending and Storage Credit
  • College contribution credit
  • Contractors gross receipts tax credit
  • Dependent care assistance credit
  • Developmental disability account contribution credit
  • Elderly Care credit
  • Elderly homeowner/renter credit
  • Empowerment zone tax credit
  • Energy Conservation installation credit
  • Film employment production credit
  • Film qualified expenditures credit
  • Geothermal systems credit
  • Health insurance for uninsured Montanans credit
  • Historical property preservation credit
  • Increasing research activities credit
  • Infrastructure users fee credit
  • Mineral exploration incentive credit
  • Montana Capital Company credit
  • Oil Seed Crushing & biodiesel/biolubricant production credit
  • Qualified endowment credit
  • Recycling credit
  • Rural Physicians credit