In the Mortgage Resource Center you'll find information regarding every aspect of securing mortgages like inspections, buyer and seller relationships, loan applications, loan agreements and closings.  Mortgages are more complicated today than ever before, and the closing of mortgages is a particularly complicated legal process often involving escrow, underwriting, notarizations and other legal processes that the information here can help you better understand.   You'll also find information about what happens when mortgages are defaulted, the ins and outs of foreclosure proceedings, and every situation involving mortgages where legal advise is important and legal representation might be crucial in protecting your rights as a homeowner.


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Mortgage Fraud

You hear a lot of mortgage loan fraud in the news these days. Especially since the sub-prime mortgage fiasco. Many borrowers were put into loans...

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Mortgage Meltdown Explained

A subprime loan is a loan that is offered to subprime borrowers who do not qualify for conventional loans usually because of credit issues.  Subp...

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Real Estate Truth-in-Lending

The real estate Truth-in-Lending Act, TILA, or Regulation Z was originally passed to provide borrowers with as much detail as possible regarding the c...

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