Here you'll find information on how to find legal counsel, to determine how land use and zoning ordinances and regulations can affect you and your business, if a land use review is required before you being building, and whether your area is even zoned for the type of establishment you want to form there.  You'll find tips and advice on how to to fight for adjustments to land use and zoning ordinances as well.

Land Use and Zoning

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Facts About Zoning Law

Sometimes it seems as easy as “buying a big enough house, that can then be partially rented out in order to pay for mortgage payments.” However,...

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Real Estate Zoning Laws

Real estate zoning laws in the United States are the collective of laws, set by each individual state for their own territory, concerning the land usa...

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Real Estate Law

Real Estate or Real Property is defined as a parcel of land and anything growing on it, permanently attached to it, built on it, or any minerals or ...

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