Find the Right Law Firm to Handle Your Personal Injury Case

Hiring the right  personal injury lawyer is clearly the biggest decision you will make when you are injured by the negligence of another and decide to seek financial compensation for the damages you have suffered. Though this decision can be based on a variety of factors important to you alone, we have some general advice which can make your search for the right attorney a success.


First, you can learn a lot about potential legal counsel online, as well as through state and various county bar associations, the more homework you do going in, the more productive your interviews will be when you’re ready to begin taking advantage of the free initial consultations offered by all of your prospective counsel.


Focus only on lawyers who have knowledge of your specific type of case


Consider lawyers who have an understanding of (and experience with) your specific type of case (car wreck as opposed to 18-wheeler accident, defective drugs instead of dangerous consumer products). It's critical that you seek a lawyer who has handled more than a few of your kind of case.


Look for a lawyer with good judicial connections


Courts can be a challenge to lawyers unfamiliar with them -- that is, until they spend time cultivating solid relationships with judges and expert witnesses and learn the little procedural things that make each court (and judge) unique unto itself. A clue to understand how “plugged-in” your prospective lawyer is, is to check whether he or she participates in the local bar association. Does he or she contribute to judicial campaigns? Little things can make a difference in moving your case in your favor. Even though the odds of your case ending up in court are very low, if it does, this could be a difference-maker.


Interview trial lawyers who are also solid negotiators


Even though there’s a five percent chance your case will go to trial, it makes little sense to get there and not have a seasoned trial attorney. The truth of most personal injury cases, though, is that a settlement is negotiated (and trial is avoided, which is a good thing). Insurance companies – who will most likely be paying your damages – usually see the value of settling cases in which the injured plaintiff’s lawyer builds an airtight case. So having an accident attorney who is skilled in settlement negotiations and winning in the courtroom is key.


Which law firm are you most comfortable with?


This is what it really comes down to. What if every firm you interview has the right procedure and legal strengths you’re looking for and is also “plugged-in”? You will want to consider the personal attributes of your candidates and select the one with whom you have an easy rapport. An effective personal injury lawyer can look at your situation and understand your specific needs, usually because the right one makes it a point of listening to you.  How many listen more than they talk?  And when they talk, do they really SAY something? Are they trying to speak over you or down to you? Do you feel they really understand your needs, or is what they have to say more important?


The better you and your prospective lawyer can relate to each other, the better the chances of your partnership's being successful. After all, your association can be for a year, or two, or longer, especially if you end up at trial.


And Finally . . .


·       Research online – search on “lawyer's name + reviews” to see what previous clients have said and try to narrow your list down to three firms.

·       Try to interview the lawyer who will actually handle your case.

·       Take as much time as you can, as this could be the most critical decision in your entire case.

·       Trust your gut. If you take a measured approach, and ask the right questions, the lawyer who makes you feel the most comfortable will rise to the top.


And in the end, with due diligence, you can find the right personal injury lawyer to help you win at trial or negotiate the best possible settlement that meets your needs.