Product Liability

The Product Liability Center contains information regarding the responsibility for the injuries and harm caused by products and equipment.  Here you'll find information regarding product liability as it affects you, and the manufacturers, retailers, distributors and anyone who supplies products for public use.  If you're considering a product liability suit, you'll find tips about different aspects of the law regarding product liability and negligence, breach of warranty and whether or not strict liability applies in your state and in your case.

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Lawsuits Against Monsanto Continue to Increase

Since the World Health Organization's (WHO's) International Agency for Research on Cancer

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Injuries Caused by Products: A Basic Overview

After you have been injured by a product, you might wonder what your legal claim might be. After all, after a car accident, you know that the at-faul...

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Elements of a Product Liability Case

When a consumer buys a product they can expect it to meet certain ordinary expectations. If a manufacturer or other seller gives a consumer a produc...

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Product Liability Overview

Product liability torts cover the area of common law that allows for plaintiffs, also known as victims, to pursue holding a host of entities respons...

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