Personal Injury in Nevada

Personal injuries can mean a great variety of different things. Personal injuries take place in a variety of different manners and it is important for people who receive personal injuries to have a variety of different options and that they understand their options when reviewing their options after personal injuries occur. If you reside in Nevada and believe that you may have been wrongly injured by another, consider your options before taking any actions. You may have legal rights regarding your injury, and someone may owe you for your personal injury and suffering.



Nevada Personal Injury Laws at a Glance


Nevada Personal Injury Laws

Statute of Limitations

2 Years
Damages Recoverable Lost wages, cost of household help, future earning ability, property damage, pain and suffering, medical expenses
Strict Liability Product manufacturer may be liable for injuries caused by a consumer product
Joint Liability Each defendant liable for percent of damages as determined by court
Contributory Negligence Damages may only be awarded if plaintiff is less than 50% at fault, and will be reduced proportionate to plaintiff's own negligence.

There are many important things to keep in mind when filing a claim for a personal injury in Nevada. In fact, all states have different laws regarding filing claims for personal injuries. In Nevada there are no exceptions. There are a variety of different definitions for what does and what does not constitute as personal injury in Nevada. In fact, all states have different definitions for personal injury. It is important that if you feel that you were injured and it is someone else's fault and you reside in Nevada that you understand the laws so that you have the upper hand when filing your claims.

One of the most important things to consider when filing your claim is timing. Timing requirements are different in all states, regarding how much time you have to file a claim. In Nevada, there is no difference. In Nevada, if you would like to file a claim regarding a personal injury attempt, it is important that you do so within the first two years of the incident. In fact, if more than twenty four months goes by without a file being claimed, you will no longer attain the legal right to file a claim. Make sure that you are filing your claim in enough time so that you have every advantage.

As always, it is extremely important that you meet with a personal injury attorney in Nevada if you feel that you are eligible to file a claim against someone. In fact, make sure that you are properly filing your claim.

One of the most important things with claims is timing, so in Nevada make sure that you're filing within the first two years of the incident. You lawyer will help you with the planning of your lawsuit, so get a lawyer early on in the process.

For more information about your specific case, contact a Nevada Personal Injury Lawyer.