Injuries to Children

Children can be injured in accidents that would not affect adults.  For example, children’s bodies are usually not as developed as those of adults; also, their height is usually less so that more of their body is accessible to an aggressive dog.  These facts combine so that children are more often the victims of dog bites than adults are.  When children are bitten, the damage is more severe because their bodies are smaller than a typical adult’s body.  Some of the same facts control the injuries that children suffer in car accidents, truck accidents, or motorcycle accidents.  The forces applied in these collisions can frequently do more damage to a child’s body than they can to an adult body.

Being a parent myself, I get a great deal of satisfaction in helping families of injured children.  Children’s injury cases require additional considerations such as court approval for minor settlements and structured settlements or annuity payments for the settlement amount to maximize the child’s recovery.


I have been representing the families of injured children for many years in many different states.  If you have or know of a child injured in an accident, please contact me so that we can discuss their case and discuss whether I could help them.  I look forward to your call.