Personal Injury Cases involve many complex laws and stipulations. From elements that must be proved during the trial, to the various statutes of limitations, and the feasability of collecting a a worthwhile settlement amount. An experienced personal injury lawyer will be able to put together a case that takes into acount all the factors required for an injured person to receive compensation and be made whole. Please not, these articles are for informational purposes only, filing a personal injury case should only be handled by a qualified personal injury lawyer.

Personal Injury Litigation

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Basis of Injury Tort Law

A tort is defined as a negligent or intentional civil wrong not arising out of a contract or statute. A tort is an act which causes injury and individ...

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Board Certified Injury Lawyer

Does having a personal injury lawyer that is board certified provide any value to clients? What exactly does it mean...

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Compensation for Injuries

The amount of compensation awarded in a personal injury case depends on the victim’s past, present, and future medical bills, earnings, as well as...

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Childrens Injury Cases

I get a great deal of satisfaction in helping families of injured children. Children’s injury cases...

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Ensuring a Recovery for Injury

Many people who are involved in an accident do not seek medical attention promptly or adequately document the facts of how the accident occurred.  ...

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Elements of an Injury Case

A good personal injury lawsuit is one that contains liability, damages, and collectability, and if any of these three items are missing from the case,...

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Finding a Lawyer

The process of finding the perfect personal injury lawyer can take a little bit of time and energy, but if the right amount of effort is put forth, th...

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Personal Injury Protection

Personal injury protection is offered in most automotive insurance and life insurance policies these days but all states differ in the amount of cover...

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